1. My website dates can be used as a commercial, when you are individuals.
But when you group(ex, company, administration, NPO, volunteer, religion, etc...), do not use my website dates.

2.When you uploaded a new video at Nico Nico Douga, you need to register content tree.
When you uploaded a new video at other video site, you need to post this HP URL.

3. Do not misrepresent the author.

4. Redistribution prohibited.

5. Do not use 'Camera' date. Because I cannot explain the rule.

6. Do not use my date for antisocial video and illegal video.

7. When other people use MMD producs (stage, model, etc...) which they made, you need to read rules.
You must not use much other MMD producs on business.

8. When you contact me, you use Japanese.
I'm not good at English.


About TOS violation

●You must pay a fine,When you break a rule.
The amount of the fine is $7000(US) per one video.
The amount of the fine is $7000(US) per one Data distribution Site. And you must pay $500 per one download.

●Delete a violation site and the violation animation.

●When is tried; of me is living, and try you.
You bear movement costs and the hotel charges.